TagSEA 0.6.6

Tags for Software Engineering Activities in Eclipse

Download and Installation

The much preferred way to download and install TagSEA is by using the update site. With the advent of Eclipse 3.4 and the new p2 provisioning system, this is now easier than ever. For those who really want to do it the hard way, the sources are available in CVS.


Requires: Eclipse 3.2 or later, and a Java 5.0 SDK or Java 6 SDK.

NOTE: There have been many significant changes in this version of TagSEA from all previous versions. It is highly recommended that you uninstall previous versions of TagSEA before installing this one. Otherwise, conflicts may arise. You can remove previous versions by using your Eclipse Configuration Manager ("Help > Software Updates > Mannage Configuration"), or by deleting the all plugins and features beginning with the "net.sourceforge.tagsea" namespace from your Eclipse plugins and features directories.

Using P2

If you have Eclipse 3.4, you can make use of the p2 provisioning system. Just follow these steps.

  1. Select Help>Software Updates>Find and Install... from the Eclipse menus.
  2. Select Search for new features to install, then select Next >.
  3. If TagSEA doesn't appear in the list of available update sites, select New Remote Site on the right-hand side of the Install dialog. Enter "TagSEA" in the Name field, and "http://tagsea.sourceforge.net/update" in the URL field. Select OK.
  4. Select the TagSEA update site and select Finish.
  5. In the Update dialog, select all available TagSEA plugins and features, and select Finish.
  6. TagSEA will be automatically installed into Eclipse.
  7. When asked to restart Eclipse, perform the restart. This will allow TagSEA to initialise itself.

Manual Installation

TagSEA is also available for checkout from CVS. For this process, we assume some familiarity with Eclipse and its CVS integration. To checkout TagSEA from sourceforge, in the CVS repositories explorer, select Add CVS Repository. Set the following fields:

  • Host: tagsea.cvs.sourceforge.net
  • Repository path: /cvsroot/tagsea
  • User name: anonymous
  • Connection type: pserver

There are two main components to TagSEA. The project net.sourceforge.tagsea.feature describes the plugins that you need to get the core functionality of TagSEA. Then there is the net.sourceforge.tagsea.extras feature which includes a number of extra plugins that allow you to do things like tag Perl, C/C++, web pages, breakpoints, and more.

The projects that you'll need for the TagSEA core are:

  • net.sourceforge.tagsea.feature
  • net.sourceforge.tagsea
  • net.sourceforge.tagsea.clouds
  • net.sourceforge.tagsea.docs
  • net.sourceforge.tagsea.resources
  • net.sourceforge.tagsea.parsed
  • net.sourceforge.tagsea.parsed.java
  • org.apache.commons.httpclient

The projects that you'll need for TagSEA Extras are:

  • net.sourceforge.tagsea.extras
  • net.sourceforge.tagsea.tasks
  • net.sourceforge.tagsea.url
  • net.sourceforge.tagsea.breakpoint
  • net.sourceforge.tagsea.parsed.perl
  • net.sourceforge.tagsea.parsed.c

The most recent stable version is tagged with the tag v0_6_6. Otherwise, if you want the bleeding edge technology, just check out from HEAD

Removing previous versions

If you have a previous version TagSEA installed, you will need to remove it before continuing. TagSEA was previously released with different project names and plugin ids for the plugins. You can remove these older versions by selecting Help>Software Updates>Manage Configuration, and removing the TagSEA feature from your configuration. Alternatively, you can and remove any file or folder beginning with net.sourceforege.tagsea from your Eclipse install directories. This must be done before you install the new version of TagSEA.


TagSEA is distributed under the EPL license, version 1.0. By downloading and using TagSEA, you signify that you agree to the terms and conditions of the EPL.

Testing/Developer Versions

It is possible to get the latest source from our CVS server on SourceForge. We do, however, also maintain a test-release update site. You can update the latest test releases by following the instructions above for using the Eclipse Update Site. Simply replace the URL "http://tagsea.sourceforge.net/update" with "http://tagsea.sourceforge.net/developer".

Tags for Software Engineering Activities in Eclipse (TagSEA)
is a research collaboration between the University of Victoria's Computer Human Interaction & Software Engineering Lab and the IBM Watson Research Centre.