TagSEA 0.6.6

Tags for Software Engineering Activities in Eclipse

Tag locations of interest in your source code.

TagSEA is a framework for tagging locations of interest within Eclipse. TagSEA combines ideas from social bookmarking (tagging) and geographic navigation (waypointing) aiming to make finding information easier.

TagSEA allows you to:

  • Tag locations of interest with keywords
  • Add date and author metadata
  • Filter your tags
  • Navigate back to places you've tagged
  • Create shared tags stored in the code or private tags stored in the workspace
  • Create presentations that combine source code, slides, etc.

Tag the following:

  • Java, C, and C++ source code
  • Breakpoints
  • Tasks (e.g. TODO)
  • Resources

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 What we're up to:
Latest TagSEA release

TagSEA 0.6.6 was released in October. Find out what's new here. Have a feature request you'd like to see in TagSEA? Submit it to our bugzilla site.

User Study Ends

Our recent user study has now finished. Thanks to those that have been sending us log files! Your support helps make this project possible.

Upcoming research

We are exploring ways to provide features to manage short term tasks. We are also considering ways of integrating TagSEA with Mylyn.

Tags for Software Engineering Activities in Eclipse (TagSEA)
is a research collaboration between the University of Victoria's Computer Human Interaction & Software Engineering Lab and the IBM Watson Research Centre.